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T.O. Countdown 2023: Tracks, Singles & EPs

Nov 19, 2023 | Features

Our top tracks, singles & EPs from 2023

As we always say, creativity is not a competition, but we all have our favourites. Here’s a run down of our most played, most loved tracks, singles & EPs from 2023.

1. GIMIC ‘Defer To Hate’
4. FUCK IT ‘Guts’
5. MAYA SHENFELD ‘Interstellar’
6. SON OF BUZZI ‘In schwarze Stücke zerbrochen’
7. RAWFILA ‘Acid Intensity’ Jana Rush Remix
8. CUT PIECE ‘Cut Piece’
10. LOULA YORKE ‘It’s Been Decided That If You Lay Down No-One Will Die’
11. SUGAR HORSE ‘Thrash Music’
12. A.L. LACEY ‘Memo’
13. NICOLO ‘Adapting to a Different System Not Using Technology’
14. MORAL BOMBING ‘Erase Your Flesh’
15. OBSCURE FORMATS ‘Agitations’
16. ANDY KHOULOUSSY “Acting Like A’
17. HANNYA WHITE ‘I Call You Another Name’
18. REBECCA GOLDBERG ‘People Mover’
19. OPENHEAD ‘Demonstration’
20. KAYLA PAINTER ‘Ambient Owl Core’
21. KAVARI ‘I Want You To Breathe’
22. SARA PERSICO ‘Boundary’
23. THE PINCH ‘Demo Tape ’23’
24. SISTER ZO ‘Arcana’
25. SKINNERS ‘Back’
26. PERENNIAL ‘The Leaves Of Autumn Symmetry’
27. NARA IS NEUS, GLXGLS ‘230724’
28. MAUL ‘Desecration and Enchantment’
29. BORED LORD ‘Girls/My Prayer’
30. GIANT SWAN ‘Fantasy Food’
32. NIKNAK ‘Ikigal’
33. FIL JACKSON ‘The Adventures Of Plug And Custy’
34. DEENA ABDELWAHED ‘Flagranti’
35. SPEW ‘Cradle To The Grave’
36. GORESHIT ‘TT-01’
37. APHEX TWIN ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f’
38. URBAN SPRAWL ‘Summer Promo 2023’
39. VINCE CLARKE ‘White Rabbit’
40. MARYYX2 ‘I Don’t Know!!’

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